• Chapter 164 - Minneapolis St Paul

    Our History

    Chapter 164 was founded in 1969.


    Our Chapter has awarded scholarships
    since its chartering to qualified young men
    and women studying in the areas of
    construction and construction related


    Our Chapter has had 4 members who
    served as Directors on the national board;
    Jan Burger, Robbie Zanko, Susan Erickson
    and Patty Erickson. Jan also served as
    National President for 1981-82.

    Our Future

    Our chapter was hit hard by the recession, just like the rest of our industry. We are now rebuilding.


    Since we are a small chapter that means there are many opportunities for chapter leadership. There are also many opportunities to highlight your company through our speaker series and site tours.


    We continue to award scholarships, as we have since our chartering. We are proud to continue this tradition.


    One of our chapter members, Kristia Davern, is currently serving as the Chair of the Young Professional Advisory Committee for the NAWIC National Board.

  • Chapter Leadership



    LIz Hardin-Strnad

    Executive and Facilities Assistant

    University of Minnesota Health Sciences Libraries

    Vice President

    Joanne Hager

    One of the founders of MN Tradeswomen

    Member of Laborers Local 563 & MN AFL-CIO


    Tyna Meemken

    Project Manager

    Major Mechanical


    Tasha Lawrence

    Diversity Coordinator

    Plumbing Fab Shop Foreman

    Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors (MMC)

    Director of Membership

    Linnea Haler

    Project Engineer

    Knutson Construction

    Director of Women In Construction Week

    Heather Gay

    Construction Management Program Manager

    Dunwoody College of Technology

  • 2016-2017 Events


    Midwest Region Fall Conference

    October 14-15 in Independence, MO


    Tuesday, Nov 15th - Chapter Meeting & Meet the Board Event

    6pm at Republic 7 Corners


    December 10th - Holiday Party & Scholarship Fundraiser

    11am -3pm at Urban Eatery!


    Thursday Jan 19 - Board


    Monday Feb 13th - Tour of Tate Physics at University of Minnesota

    See our Facebook Page for photos!


    March 5th - 11th - Women In Construction Week

    See below for all the events we have planned!


    Wednesday April 12 -Beer & Schmooze Fest - Scholarship Awards & Networking

    Cooper Pub, 5 pm-8 pm


    See below for details & sponsorship opportunities!


    Midwest Region Spring Forum


    Tues, May 16 - Chapter Meeting


    Week of June 19 - Board Meeting


    No meetings or events


    Wed Aug 16 - Chapter Meeting


    AMEC - National Conference



    Week of Sept 18 - Board Meeting

  • Women in construction week

    WIC Week is March 5-11


    Download the poster for a full list of events!


  • Download the Industry Worker & Educator Panel Flyer

    Download the Tradeswomen Meet & Greet Flyer

    WIC Week on Twitter

    WIC Week on Facebook

  • Beer & Schmooze Fest

    Join us for our annual networking & scholarship event!


    April 12th

    5 pm - 8 pm

    Cooper Irish Pub

    St Louis Park



    This event raises funds for our chapter's scholarship fund.


    The Minneapolis St Paul NAWIC Chapter has been awarding scholarships since its chartering in 1969 to qualified young men and women studying in the areas of construction and construction related fields. This April 12, members of the MSP Chapter will gather to present this year’s scholarship at Cooper Irish Pub in St Louis Park. This evening will also be a time for networking to help connect owners, architects, engineers, managers, trades, and contractors.


    This is where we are asking for your help. NAWIC MSP is looking for sponsors to not only help fund this great event but to help increase our scholarship fund.


  • Thank You 2016 Holiday Party Sponsors!

    Thank you for sponsoring our 2016 Holiday Brunch and Auction!


    Your sponsorship helps support camaraderie for women in construction and also helps us fund our scholarships!

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  • Thank You 2016 Beer & Schmooze Fest Sponsors!

    Thank you to the sponsors who allow us to host this networking event and increase our scholarship fund.


    Thank you for supporting women in construction and helping us to retain and recruit more women into the construction industry.

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  • Thank You 2015 Holiday Party Sponsors!

    Thank you for sponsoring our 2015 Holiday Brunch and Auction! Your sponsorship helps support camaraderie for women in construction and also helps us fund our scholarships!

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  • Thank You 2015 Beer & Schmooze Fest Sponsors!

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  • Women in Construction Sobering Statistics

    "It is essential to employ, trust, and reward those whose perspective, ability, and judgment are radically different from yours. It is also rare, for it requires uncommon humility, tolerance, and wisdom." ~Dee Hock

    Women only make up 2.6% of Construction Occupations

    Women only make up 9% of the entire Construction Industry.

    Women make up 15.7% of the US Active Army & 13.2% of the Mining Industry.

    Contractors, unions, and the government are failing to recruit, train, and ensure a safe workplace free of harassment for many women. 

    Women in the U.S. earn on average 82.1 percent what men make. The gender pay gap is much narrower in the construction industry. In construction, women earn on average 93.4 percent what men make.

  • Why Should You be a Member?

    NAWIC can help you professionally, personally, and can help us all support women throughout the industry.

    Professional Opportunities

    • Industry speakers

    • Legislative / legal updates

    • Career / job leads

    • Mentoring opportunities

    • Education of youth and support through scholarships

    • Connection with other women in the industry

    • Technical / product information

    • Community outreach projects

    • Liaison with other industry and professional associations

    • Professional Development Training

    Educational Opportunities

    • Leadership development

    • Development of management and public speaking skills

    • Speakers and seminars at national and regional events

    • Access to a national and local resource network

    • Offering exposure to new skills and technology updates

    • Promoting professional certifications, coaching and mentoring

    • Assistance in plotting career path

    Business Opportunities

    • Employee recruitment

    • Marketing / advertising opportunities for your company

    • Access to a national and local resource network

    • Discounts on goods and services

  • We Want You!

  • The Means to Reach Us




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  • Future of Minneapolis St Paul Chapter

    It is with great relief and excitement for us to announce that we reached a quorum and elected a board at the September 20th meeting!  Our chapter will continue! The September 26th relinquishment meeting is now canceled.


    Thank you to attendees

    Thank you to all of those who attended and participated in the future of the chapter and elections meeting. It is only through continued member participation that our chapter can thrive!



    2016-2017 Minneapolis St Paul Chapter #164 Board

    We are proud to announce the 2016-2017 Minneapolis St Paul Board.  The new board will start their work beginning October 1st.


    President - Liz Hardin-Strnad, Univeristy of Minnesota


    Vice President - Joanne Hager, Laborers Local 563


    Treasurer - Tyna Meemken, Major Mechanical


    Secretary - Tasha Lawrence, Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors (MMC)


    Director of Membership - Linnea Haler, Knutson Construction


    Director of WIC Week - Heather Gay, Dunwoody College of Technology


    Immediate Past President - Kristia Davern, University of Minnesota


    Thank you again to everyone who attended the September 20th meeting and to all of those who reached out to me personally asking for other ways to help.   Your involvement is key to the continued success of NAWIC Minneapolis St Paul.  

  • Chapter Challenges

    Below is an edited email that was sent to all of the NAWIC Minneapolis St Paul Members on August 31, 2016.  


    Our chapter is facing many challenges and may or may not continue after September 30th.

    Minneapolis St Paul Members,

    We have so far been unable to fill all of the board positions for the upcoming 2016-2017 year.   When the current board's efforts could not convince enough members to run for these positions, I reached out to our Midwest Regional Leadership for advice.   


    The Midwest Region sent an anonymous survey monkey survey out to all of you asking for your feedback, we only received 7 responses to this survey.  Since our membership total is 22 members, this was unfortunately not enough responses to guide our decision making process.   We then reached out to the National Board of NAWIC for advice.   Our National President, Riki Lovejoy, then sent another email asking for more in-depth answers to some key questions.   She received only 5 responses to this request. Thank you to everyone who replied to either of these requests, we appreciate your candid responses.  

    Future of the Chapter

    We now are at a critical choice for our chapter, NAWIC Minneapolis St Paul.   In order to continue we must elect a new board.  If we cannot elect a new board, we must relinquish our chapter and end NAWIC's 47 years in Minneapolis St Paul.    We DO NOT want our chapter to end!   We need your help to stop this from happening!   We need your presence, your spirit, your talent, and your energy!


    To that end, we will hold two meetings in September.   

    • The first meeting is to elect a new board.   We must have a quorum of our membership at this meeting in order to elect new officers.   That means we must have at least members attend and vote at this meeting.  If we cannot elect new officers, then the second meeting will be to relinquish our chapter.   
    • The second meeting will be to relinquish our chapter.  Hopefully the first meeting is successful and this meeting can be canceled!  We must also have a quorum of members in order to relinquish our chapter.  
    • If enough members do not attend both meetings our chapter will be withdrawn, this will mean no other chapter named NAWIC Minneapolis St Paul can ever be restarted in the future.


    Based on our earlier survey replies this meeting will be held in Minneapolis, as that was where most people indicated they would like to attend meetings.  These meetings will be held on September 20th at 6pm and on September 26th at 6pm, both will be held at Kafe 421 in Dinkytown. 

    Your Chapter Needs You!

    Our chapter has had a tough couple of years.   Many of our seasoned, long term members have moved away, retired, or otherwise left the industry.  That means 78% of our members have joined in the last two years!   It is exciting to have so many new members!   We have so many great people who can make such a difference in NAWIC and in our industry.  


    Since so many of our members are new this is also a great opportunity for our chapter to change!   Are there things you do not like about how the chapter has been run?  Do you have new ideas on how to improve?  We want to hear them!  We want you to be involved!   Consider serving on the board or a committee to change our chapter!


    You each joined NAWIC for a reason.   Based on the responses we've received most of you joined to connect with other women in the industry, learn more about the industry and promote women to be in the industry.  Many of you are also looking for mentoring and a place to learn skills that would be promote-able in the industry.       In order for the board to provide these opportunities, our members must participate!   At our May Beer & Schmooze Fest only 6 members attended, at our July Site Tour only 2 members attended, our highest member participation event this year was our Women's Economic Security Act legislative update where members attended.   


    Your Chapter & your Board needs you.   We need you to participate!   We need your ideas to reinvigorate the chapter!  We need your help for our chapter to succeed & thrive!   

    I am going to end with an adapted NAWIC service.   I gave each member who attended our Beer & Schmooze Fest a carnation and welcomed them to our chapter with this service.


    This is an occasion during which each of us recognizes within herself the ideals and purposes of the National Association of Women in Construction. When you joined this association, you agreed to add your time, your energies, and your thoughts to the collective will of other women employed in the construction industry, recognizing that only through cooperation can we achieve our goals. Upon the members, officers and directors of the Minneapolis St Paul Chapter No. 164 of NAWIC rest real and challenging responsibilities. Your chapter looks to you for the successful execution of the purposes of NAWIC.


    Carnations are a symbol of dignity and assistance. We consider each member as a petal of the carnation. Remove the petals and all that remains is the stem. Without your support, the chapter is as a stem, lacking vitality and life.


    We hope you, as members, accept your responsibilities to work with and for your chapter officers and directors in rendering continuing service to the construction industry in the Twin Cities.



    Thank you all for your membership, your time, & your energy,

    The 2015-2016 NAWIC Minneapolis St Paul Chapter No. 164 Board


    Kristia Davern



    Tyna Meemken 



    Joanne Hager



    Linnea Haler

    Director of Membership